30 Day Workout Challenge

I was on Facebook the other day and noticed a fitness page I follow was hosting a 30 day workout challenge group. I normally pass over these things but I have a lot of beach vacations coming up in the warmer months this year and want to get into better shape for my bathing suits. I know I ain’t the only one who needs some shaping up, right guys?

I challenge all of you to workout every single day for 30 days straight. That’s really it. After 15 minutes you are done and can go about your day. I have found this to be THE only workout program I am able to do being a full-time working mom who loves doing spur of the moment home renovations on the weekends. Even the busiest people have 15 minutes to spare, so get moving!

Use the link here to sign up to receive the 100% FREE 30 day challenge workouts delivered straight to your email inbox every morning. She even has different workout routines and meal plans that you can purchase if desired. I do not receive any compensation for promoting this plan. I am sharing it with you because I have come to love it and want to share the great results with you!

I started this 30 day workout challenge on Monday and am loving it so far. It has been so easy to keep up with and is such an energizing way to start my day. I am hoping to keep the habits up long after the 30 days is up by completing my workouts in the mornings before my hectic day begins.

Comment below if you want more details on the challenge and I hope you will join in with me this month to hold me accountable!!! I will be checking in periodically and will be posting my results at the end of the 30 days.

Have a fabulous, fit weekend!